If you are reading this, you have recognised something important about yourself: you are on a journey to come to know who you are! It’s the most important journey of them all. Connecting with your Self may not happen overnight, but the journey itself can be in joy, discovery, beauty, and wisdom! 

Imagine yourself an explorer, following a mighty river of cosmic energy back to its source. This river exists within you, and is linked together by seven different chakras, or spiralling pools of energy. The energy of the chakras runs up from the base of your back to the crown of your head, and each represents different aspects of ourselves. Clearing these chakras allows the waters to flow. Then we can follow the river, and ultimately complete our journey to Joy and Self-discovery. Visit our website for an introduction to the chakras. 

At Chakra by Piya, connect to your chakras through our jewellery and discover yourself in a fun and powerful way. We are on this journey with you, and are very excited to share with you what awaits!