Hello again, fellow explorers of the upstream river! We hope your travels within have been full of revelation and wonder. You might be surprised at just how much there is to discover when searching for your Self. The river may look humble at first but if you choose to keep following it, you’ll find an abundant richness in its depths.

Like all ecosystems, however, the river works best when it is in a state of balance. It ensures that there is food and water for all that rely on it and enriches all that it touches. But if the river gets blocked with dirt, grime, and other pollution from things that do not belong, this balance is upset. The environment begins to get affected and its repercussions are felt by many others.

In a similar way, the seven chakra pools of energy that reside within our body are at their optimal when they are clear and flowing. But over time one or more of these chakras get clogged with certain thoughts, feelings or belief systems. These clogs then manifest in ways that may express as dis-ease. Until the chakras can be cleared, these thoughts, feelings and belief systems continue to hold sway over us and keep us feeling limited.

Our jewellery aids in clearing the chakras and helps them realign again, ensuring that the energy within can flow in the balanced and powerful way it’s meant to. There is something for everyone – all you have to do is look.

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