With the soil readied and the foundation secure, we turn to the source of the garden.

The seed is much more than it appears. Though small and modest, it carries within it an untold number of possibilities. A humble kernel can all at once give birth to a world of colour, beauty and sustenance. The gardener sees the reality of the seed, knowing its appearance to be a mere disguise: there in the palm of the hand lies a potential forest.

That which is unseen is far vaster than what meets the eye. In fact, the unseen is integrated within and inseperable from the world we know. The chakras, though intrinsically subtle, shape and influence the energies of your entire being. Like the seed, they are the very source of great change. That is why we at Chakra by Piya believe their effect on us is so profound.

Take a look beyond your eyes. Remember where the mightiest of oaks comes from.