Root Chakra  

The first chakra, or Muladhara, is the first of the seven chakras located at the base of your spine, and provides the energy of our foundation. Muladhara translates to “root support”. Energetically, the role of this chakra is to tap into the element of Earth upwards from the feet and legs and then travel to the spine, enabling us to feel grounded. Since it is also known as the root chakra, the needs associated with it are typically that of self-preservation, such as security, stability and prosperity. 

A healthy Muladhara creates space for the other six chakras to flow. When the Muladhara chakra is balanced, you feel rooted, safe and generally at peace. If there is a bit of an imbalance or blockage, you may encounter emotions such as insecurity or a feeling of not having your feet firmly grounded. 

There are various ways to balance our chakras — we can use meditation, colour therapy, chanting, diet, crystals and physical activity. In this particular article, we’re going to focus on diet.  

Food & The Muladhara Chakra 

‘We are what we eat’. A commonly used phrase, and very much true. Before looking at the foods that help balance our first chakra, it’s important to establish how food affects us. Different foods carry a certain frequency and therefore influence our energy levels accordingly. Cravings do not necessarily need to lead to all-out indulgence, if we understand what messages our bodies are trying to send us. For instance, craving rich carbohydrates such as mashed potatoes or pasta can sometimes reflect the need for comfort and safety. When we attune to our bodies, we can connect to the core of it and give ourselves what we really need. 

Root vegetables are particularly helpful in balancing the first chakra since they grow from deep within the soil absorbing vitamins and thus carry the grounding energy of the Earth. They are also rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and beta-carotene. Think of vegetables like carrots, beetroot, sweet potatoes, parsnips and ginger. Since protein generally serves to strengthen the physical body, consuming healthy foods like legumes, eggs, non-GMO tempeh and tofu, lean meats, chia seeds, hemp seeds and unsalted nuts can also help balance the first chakra. 

Since a healthy Muladhara chakra takes form as a vibrant red lotus, eating similarly coloured foods can also be effective. The ancient cultures of the Chinese and Egyptians occasionally employed the use of chromotherapy (a method of treatment that utilises colours to cure physical ailments). Red was utilised to increase circulation and energise the body. In the field of colour psychology, red usually symbolises power and activity, which directly links with the attributes of a balanced Muladhara chakra. Consuming red coloured foods such as red apples, tomatoes, pomegranates, red berries, cherries and spices such as cayenne and paprika can also help balance the first chakra. 

All things considered, it’s essential to tune into your body’s messages about what it needs, as when you do, you create an opportunity for energy to flow.  With knowledge of how the Muladhara chakra works, notice which of the above foods you naturally gravitate toward and trust your instincts!

Prisha Kanchan Dandwani is a freelance editor and writer. In her free time, she explores holistic nutrition. Her present Chakra Focus is Mantra Multi-Chakra (7 chakras). She's noticed she feels calmer and more centred since first wearing it. It's also helped her feel more grounded through the root chakra.