Namaste, wanderers! May your explorations along the cosmic river continue to be enlightening, enthralling, and challenging (in the best way possible). Summertime can bring with it a great shift in momentum and the possibility of much change afoot – all you need to do is look at the blossoming of flowers for proof. But as with most things in life, the true wonder can be found by looking deeper.

It might surprise you to learn that each of the seven chakras (or pools of energy) within us are actually composed of different ‘types’ or ‘strands’ we call the facets of the Chakras. Each of these play a vital role in helping you use the chakras to grow and develop as a person. And although each facet affects the other, every individual is different in terms of what particular strand they may need to focus on. To return to the analogy of the blockages in the river, this would mean that knowing what strand was ‘stuck’ would allow one to pinpoint exactly where the clog was happening, and work on releasing it and letting it flow.

Here is how it all comes together. Padma is the energy concerned with unfolding, so it moves upwards, from root to crown. This is where it all begins. If you already have a strong foundation, however, it is important to focus on balance, so that the energy may be used appropriately. This is where mantra comes in to find the harmony with each other (and within yourself). Once that is clear, utilising the yantra energy will allow you to express and share your many gifts with the world in the most effective and beneficial way. Finally, naadi energy will clear whatever blockages that may come up in this process, revealing a new layer underneath and showing the path ahead.

At Chakra by Piya, our jewellery is made keeping this philosophy of energy in mind. Each of the seven chakras are represented through the four facets, combining to create a total of twenty-eight available designs. This way, you can get what you specifically need the most – and continue your journey in the best way possible.